Optics and Photonics

Optics and Photonics represent a unique and challenging market when it comes to precision cleaning and/ or spot-free drying.  This market would include producers or assemblers of lenses, prisms, laser and laser-ring devices, fiber optics, disc drives and polished mirrors.

The primary contaminants found on optical devices usually are dust, particulate, polishing media, moisture or water spots, and fingerprints. Solvent cleaners and solvent dryers off a simple, low-energy, highly efficient methodology for removing the soils from these highly sensitive devices. MicroCare offers several specialty solvents that can be used in vapor-phase cleaning or for moisture displacement.  These solvents have heavier densities then water, so gravimetric displacements occurs quickly.  Their low surface tension ensures that residual moisture is scavenged out of low stand-off areas, or out of dead-end cavities.

The solvency of these cleaners dissolve organic soils, while an alcohol component neutralizes ionics.  The vapor phase of the process leaves the parts clean and spot-free.

Please contact MicroCare to understand the benefits of these fluids in greater detail.

MicroCare® CCA General Purpose Degreaser
DuPont™ Vertrel® XP Particulate Rinse
DuPont™ Vertrel® XP10

In addition, MicroCare markets a group of optical cleaners under the Sticklers brand.

Primarily used for telecommunications and fiber optics, these cleaners also have found time-saving and money-saving applications in photonics labs and medical applications with lasers.