Many modern military and  commercial aerospace systems are cleaned with MicroCare® products. It is understood that every military platform is a high-performance system, demanding the most from circuit boards and mechanical assemblies. Extensive manufacturing production runs and long life cycles make sustainability an issue for these components.  Further, many military products are protected with rugged conformal coatings, which are very difficult to remove.  Therefore, proper pre-cleaning  is paramount - during the assembly process and prior to the addition of the conformal coating. LASERs, night-vision goggles, reconnaisance cameras, periscopes and dozens of other optical systems require precision cleaning with absolute zero residue. QC on these systems usually involves particle count, sometimes in the sub-micron range. Special Military apparatus using fiber optic communication links on a variety of weapon systems require precise cleaning with zero transmission drop.  MicroCare solvents and Sticklers Cleaners, fiber optic cleaning tools are ideal for these tasks.

MicroCare products are used on armored vehicles, on airborne platforms, and on fire-and-control systems.  These solvents are used in the field, at the repair depots, and by the manufacturers.  The U.S. Department of Energy even uses MicroCare products for cleaning radioactive materials.

Aerospace components are required to function at extreme temperatures and pressures (thermal cycles ranging from +50°C to -70°C on a single mission).  Out-gassing and accelerated dendritic growth in zero gravity are additional concerns that commercial customers may never consider.  Further, trapped moisture, either from improper cleaning or rinsing freezes at higher altitudes/ lower temperatures.  These ice crystals cause corrosion or distress on items from small components to landing gear assemblies.

Given these challenges, the criteria for selecting the proper cleaning solvent are: performance, global availability, low toxicity, and long-term material compatibility.

Powerful, fast-drying, residue-free MicroCare solvents address all of the military and aerospace issues.  These high-purity, non-flammable, synthetic solvents  offer precision cleaning on strategic parts without leaving unwanted residues or causing detrimental effects to the substrates.  MicroCare gets it done.

MicroCare has a variety of solvents for these applications. For more information please contact MicroCare and talk to one of our Technical Engineers.

Among the best choices:

MicroCare® CMS Defluxer
DuPont™ Vertrel® SMT for Traditional Fluxes
MicroCare® CCA General Purpose Degreaser
DuPont™ Vertrel® XP Particulate Rinse
DuPont™ Vertrel® XF Carrier Solvent and Rinse