Metal Cleaning

Gross metal cleaning is as important to manufacturing as it was 20 years ago. While the specifics may differ between market sectors, the need to process, paint or weld requires the part to be clean. Generally, a manufacturer in this group will need to remove machining oils, metal fines, marking inks, greases, fingerprints and/ or waxes from certain components.

Safely displacing these soils without detrimental affects to the substrate or causing flash-rusting is critical. Further, the process needs to be simple, fast and have the capacity to handle large volumes.

MicroCare offers a number of precision cleaning solvents for the Metal Cleaning Market. These low surface tension fluids permeate into tight spaces and dead-end holes; flushing out the soils, and leaving the part clean and dry. Utlizing these solvents in a vapor degreaser is a fast and economical process, and one that can be automated into standard production lines.