Oxygen Systems - Gaseous and Liquid

Oxygen is one of the world's most widely-used industrial gasses. It is available in different concentrations and at different purity levels. While the air we breathe is 23% oxygen, compressed Oxygen is available in numerous concentrations. Liquid Oxygen is 100%: a very strong oxidizer and highly imflammable / explosive. Cleaning requirements of Oxygen systems can be more of an industrial process- when the cleaning involves diluted oxygen. An example of this would be the cleaning of valves, gauges or piping that would come in contact with the gaseous oxygen AFTER it has been diluted with inert gases.

HOWEVER high concentrations of gaseous Oxygen and pure Liquid Oxygen systems require the greatest care and attention to safety, as any residue contaminants can cause a catestropic explosion. Cleaning of these systems mandates the highest degree of precision cleaning with a Liquid Oxygen approved solvent. (Note: The compressed gas associated publishes a list of cleaning fluids for oxygen systems, but does not differentiate between gaseous and liquid oxygen). ALWAYS clean to the highest standard that your system will require.

Cleaning: oxygen systems can be quite extensive, with tubing that can wind through fuselages or the utility channels of a hospital. These systems can be complex, with many guages, pumps, filters and valves, all of which can entrap contaminents. The contamination can be as simple as particulate, or as challenging as trapped materials left behind during assembly. These materials can be very difficult to remove, especially since mechanical scrubbing usually is not possible. All contaminents can lead to a fire or explosion in an oxygen enriched environment.

Therefore, for maximum safety, many companies specify oxygen system cleaning must be performed with nonflammable, approved cleaners.

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